Stephen McGinn

Residential Supervisor  

Ben Mason

Jesse Smith

Residential Supervisor  

Catlin Bettridge 

Residential Supervisor  

Kate Peck

Residential Supervisor  

TAY Child Care Manager 

              (Transitional Age Youth)

Tanya Berg


Supervisor of Residential Programs 

James Smith

Clinical Manager 

Brett Gatt

Financial Controller 

Avon Family Foster Services - David MacDonald 

Executive Director 

Stratford Children's Services Inc. - Brenda Mason 

Executive Director

Meet our Directors and Supervisors 

Avon Family Foster Services is an affiliate of Stratford Children's Services Inc.   If you are a Children's Aid Society or a Community Care Access Mechanism inquiring about a Treatment Foster Placement Option, Or if you are interested in becoming a Treatment Foster Parent. Please Click Here 

Treatment Foster Programs

Avon Family Foster Services 

Stratford Children's Services Inc. is a Mental Health Community Partner for Children, Youth and their Families.  If you are a Children's Aid Society or a Community Care Access  Mechanism inquiring about a Residential Placement Option, Please Click Here


Residential Care and Treatment Facilities 

Mental Health Services for Children and Youth

Denise Harburn

Dan Ward 

Residential Supervisor  

Manager of Administration